October 31, 2008

Fall pics

October 29, 2008


I have to admit, I don't like shooting in large crowds much, but covering pieces of history like the Obama rally and Palin rally that happened in Fredericksburg makes it worth it. Here are a couple of photos from Palin's rally on Monday, and the video is online as well too.

October 28, 2008

A half a game

Something for the paper...

And something just because...

October 12, 2008


My good friend, Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee just posted some new work recently. He's found his own style and lifestyle that I envy.

Online Presentation

So I've been trying to give a kick to some online presentation by building simple Flash interfaces. The way I see it, we have always put effort into some stories to make packages in the paper... why not every now and again online when it fits? Some are my work, some are the work of the fab FLS photogs. Unfortunately, once they run they're hard to find, but here are some links:

Point of Connection - An art show at a local art workshop center with studios and a gallery.

Local voices speak about the economy. There are videos done by Portsia Smith, who can get anyone to talk.

College students talk about the drinking age.

High School Football team pages

Redskins slideshow Has a lot of photos from Mike Morones who goes the extra mile to cover every Skins game he gets the chance too, plus other photogs go every now and again.

Are they done for everything? Nope. But they don't take a long time to put together, and add something to presentation of things that have archive possibilities such as the football shows or combine different medias.